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The is a website with reviews on CPA Marketing Networks, Mobile Affiliate Marketing and Mobile Performance Marketing Companies, and mobile affiliate offers. To participate in those networks one needs to choose which products or services have to be sold, and receive a commission for selling from a merchant. However, there are some tips on how to pick the best CPA Marketing Network in the domain.

Rating of high paying affiliate programs

The team of pros will determine whether the CPA affiliate program providers are well rated on the domain. The significant things that need to be considered are the tracking software, payment rates, and the approval process. The best performance network offers ad campaigns, traffic and app monetization, etc.

The best CPA affiliate network offers

  • Reasonable fees for joining
  • The benefits for sales and traffic
  • Easy and fast approval process
  • The convenient payout system
  • Reasonable commissions
  • The minimal balance admitted for resignations

The pros of CPI Network

Every decent Mobile Marketing Agency and CPI mobile affiliate network delivers proposals that pay-off based on a CPI model. By this, app creators, mobile content consumers, and associates make revenue while advertising apps or games.

Who can monetize mobile traffic

CPI-based affiliate programs benefits:

  • mobile marketer makes income by monetizing the traffic while advancing other apps
  • affiliate and media buyer makes revenue getting traffic and managing sales of CPI offers
  • mobile media network and ad server monetize vacant inventory with CPI proposals

More of mobile CPI offers

Often affiliates get more offers as precise campaign optimization services, mobile traffic monetization, and mobile app monetization for monetizing and promoting apps. In addition to this, they offer international traffic, and tracking service.