Positive Mobile Review

Video advertising technologies as a trend of earnings

Affiliate Network Details:

  • Company Name: Positive Mobile
  • Country: Israel

All the latest innovations simply insist on development in video marketing. And some companies have already adopted these trends. We suggest you to read this Positive Mobile review to know more about one of the first players on the market.

12Positive Mobile is a mobile video SSP (Supply-Side-Platform). Their main technology consists in giving publishers the opportunity to engage users with certain brands with the help of a premium video environment. The company works on creating video tools for premium publishers. These tools have all the necessary program characteristics and can be considered as completely ready for further sale by sellers. Clients of the Positive Mobile receive completed outstream mobile video solutions accompanied by patented technology and supported by current analytics. Thus the company’s offers receive much higher number of views and better completion rates. Among the platform partners are only the leading publishers and media agencies. It also chooses the best video exchanges and trading desks for cooperation. Thus these ones serve Fortune 500 from their New York, Buenos Aires and Tel Aviv offices.

The company’s logo is that leaders become great not because they are strong but because they know how to manage others correctly.

Major advantages for advertisers

The Positive mobile provides transparent systems and user-friendly solutions for advertisers, media agencies and others interested. The benefits they receive becoming the company’s partners are enumerated below:

  1. The best Publishers, premium only. Having obtained the access to the best publishers one can easily increase rates of video campaign’s performance. The technologies applied let the platform to raise number of views, improve completion rates and ensure more profound user engagement, offering purchase of OI based, RTB and direct programming solutions.
  2. Good Brand Campaigns. One should choose only safe and transparent advertising campaigns having good visibility ratings. In order to check whether the offer is appropriate the company offers access to work with white and black lists in relation to any traffic.
  3. Current Statistics. The company’s technologies give the advertisers opportunities for any time tracking of real-time statistics. They can track users’ engagement any time that it is necessary to fulfill any tasks required. Wide range of data and reports on the video ad campaign are represented on the website.
  4. To make a video ad campaign as effective as possible one should use targeting advertisements for targeted audience. Targeted audience is the one which is the most likely to become a customer in the end. Usually separate groups of people are chosen depending on the kind of goods, for example one can choose only sports readers or only news watchers.

Prominent technologies

One of the strongest advantages of the Positive Mobile is its up-to-date technologies. Their main features are as follows:

  • elaborated specifically for advertisers and publishers, media agencies, and trading desks
  • profound programming, which lets performing efficient management, raise profits and gain high eCPM
  • complete compliance to all the standards of industry, such as VPAID, VAST and JavaScript
  • errors & impressions monitoring
  • wide capabilities of transcoding which let supporting various formats and extensions of media files
  • all video types support, including In-Stream, In-Content, and Full-Stream
  • traffic sale on RTB to gain better results

Thus, the Positive Mobile SSP supports its clients with the most up-to-date technologies in programming and internet marketing in general.

To find out more about your opportunities to earn with this platform you can visit the platform’s website: httpss://www.positivemobile.com