Keenmobi Review

Company Name: Keenmobi

Country: USA

Minimum Payment: 99$

Commission Type: Pay per Package

Payment Method: PayPal, Wire Transfer

Keenmobi is a service for app promotion. Through this service you can buy installs and reviews in order to promote your Android and/or iOS application. Developing a wonderful app is not enough for success because people don’t trust new products. For this reason, a large amount of installs and trustworthy reviews is the next step to success.

Keenmobi review – the reasons to purchase installs and app reviews

Actually, it does not matter how good and high quality the app you’ve developed is if someone has left a bad review. The average rating and reviews are crucial for an app to become popular and reach the top rankings. A bad review can spoil everything. No one wants to install apps with negative reviews although the app can be absolutely fine. But where can one get loads of positive reviews if the app is quite new? This is the reason to buy them.

What kind of reviews does this service offer?

Purchasing reviews on means that you can forget about negative reviews or about 2-3 words reviews that do not look convincing. The service offers reviews by real people, written in a flawless style. These reviews will not disappear all at once one day and you will never receive 1 star instead of 4-5 stars for the app.

keenmobi review

Optimization services

You can create outstanding product but without a thorough mobile marketing strategy your target audience would never even find your app. This is the reason to purchase mobile marketing services. What does the service include? The first part is creating the brand “face”. This means development of an attractive app icon and design of the other elements. The second part is represented with the proper words. Description of an app is important because it influences the potential users’ impression. So, the description should be understandable, well-written, with all the functions properly explained. A good description also contains a certain number of keywords. The last part of the service is general optimization with titles, icon and description.

Keyword installs

Keyword installs are connected with the optimization services. Keyword install is a result of a search of the certain word or word combination. A high quality keyword campaign would bring thousands of new appropriate users to your app. The main step of such a campaign includes optimization of the title and description that should contain certain keywords in the certain amounts. This way your app can gain loads of organic installs daily.

What are the advantages of using services, offered by the

keenmobiThe service is provided by people with years of experience, so that you get strategies that have been developed through our experience. The service is also quite affordable, especially to the regular customers. They can enjoy endless bonuses and discounts. Indeed, the more money you invest into the marketing of your app and into diverse advertising campaigns, the more revenue you receive. Everything sounds easy but the service also has 24/7 customer support. When you place an order, you can always use customer support via email and you also can contact your personal manager with any question.

Furthermore, all the installs are done by real people from the targeted audience. You get an opportunity to boost your app rankings through real install and genuine reviews. As soon as the service is simple and easy-to-use, you can enjoy the results in the shortest period. Keenmobi also provides its customers with statistics about all the installs and reviews, so that you can always monitor how your ad campaign is running. There’re packages offered on the website and you just need to choose the appropriate one and proceed to the order.

A few clicks – and your app stars approaching the Top Rankings.