Go-rilla Review

Earning money on Go-rilla expertise

If you are interested in affiliate earnings you’ve got to learn information about the leaders of the market. Below a Go-rilla review is suggested. This affiliate network can really bring great profit.

Go-rilla Digital Advertising is an agency which specialization is performance based mobile display, applications and Facebook advertising. This company holds a strong position among leader of the industry, by giving advertisers and publishers an access to specific channels and making benefits from the strongest brands and DSP (Demand Side Platform).

The agency is headed by Hilla Dagan and Rinat Meseritz. Both of them are well-experienced specialists, who now use their expertise with great efficiency and bring their clients to top results in all the channels of industry, such as internet /social media/mobile marketing, and technology & business development. Go-rilla uses automated optimization based on technologies resulting the highest ROI (rate of interest) for advertisers and providing publishers with highest CPM (cost per mille/thousand). In this way the best monetization effect can be achieved.


The advertising agency offers the clients wide range of services, among which smart technologies, advanced targeting methods for mobile applications, rich set of instruments for social media and even dedicated approach to business should be outlined.

What clients get cooperating with Go-rilla

The agency provides its clients with distribution in the below enumerated online channels, where potential customers could be found:

– internet directories, such as YellowPages.com, Yahoo!, and others

– search engines, such as Yahoo!, Google and Bing

– social media, such as Facebook and Twitter

– mobile sites

– GPS devices

How Go-rilla makes it

2All the process can be divided into 4 simple stages, which are shortly described below.

  1. Consultants of the agency collect information on the client’s business, such as: products and services, main objectives, location and anything else that could be necessary for appropriate advertising campaign. Submitting a business to mobile devices, internet directories and search engines requires work with proper information basis.
  2. The client’s business obtains an account in Google Places app. Since the activation moment the agency employees keep GooglePlaces constantly updated with various coupons, campaigns, photos and other relevant material.
  3. Information on client’s business is checked every month for the case if something changed.
  4. Go-rilla provides each client with 60 minutes consultation every month and agency’s consultants give advices on improving websites, so that they became better adapted to search engines.

To learn more about the agency or to get a consultation go directly to: https://www.go-rilla.mobi