CPImobi Review

Company Name: CPIMobi

Minimum Payment: $50

Commission Type: CPI

Payment Method: PayPal and others

CPImobi is a platform for app developers which is aimed at making advertising campaigns and marketing issues efficient and easy to manage. The platform enables its users to monitor financial distribution over the promotional campaigns – through CPI (cost per install). If one wants to bring the own app to the Top Ranking position, this platform is a powerful tool for such a goal.

Main advantages of the platform – general CPImobi review

There are a number of advantages that make the service really convenient. The first one is the ability to start a campaign in 5 minutes. Everything is simple and even a newbie doesn’t need much time to start working with the service. The second advantage is the Live Mode. One can connect the advertising campaign to the publishers and use all the benefits of the Live Mode immediately. The third important advantage is represented by the users who install the advertised app. All of them are real and conversion rates start increasing quickly.

What about traffic?

Cpimobi.com promises active users, appropriate exactly for the customer’s app. The service delivers installs of proper users on a CPI basis. The app is being advertised to millions of mobile users and the customer is able to regulate the volume of installs. This means that one takes full control of the user acquisition through the service.

cpimobi review

What about targeting?

As soon as the customer gets the full control of user acquisition, there is an opportunity to choose the certain country. For example, if the customer wants users from the U.S. to install the app, the customer can choose the United States on the dashboard and the app will be installed by the users exactly from this country. Indeed, control of the campaign includes control of the amount of installs during the day. When starting a campaign a customer can set the limit of installs per day. In case a customer decides to finish the campaign earlier, all the Tokens left will be refunded to his or her balance.

Results and analytics

After getting the first results one can enjoy thorough analytics and take them into account for further campaign and app development. Google Analytics or other tracking tools work quite well for this purpose. Moreover, CPImobi protects its users from fraudulent installs, so that if there’re abnormal clicks or installs detected, the customer doesn’t have to pay for them.

Okay, so how to start?

cpimobi review1In our CPImobi review we can break down the start into 4 major steps: login, setup, payment and launch. The first step is a simple registration on the website. The second step is about setting up all the parameters of the advertising campaign. One inserts the app’s link and chooses the appropriate parameters after that. What do parameters include? These are: the target country (one can advertise the app in the certain country or worldwide) and the volume (one chooses how many installs per day are desirable). That’s all. Setting up an advertising campaign is an easy and quick step. The next step is payment. One has to buy the app downloads in order to boost app rankings. There’re different payment options available on cpimobi.com. The minimum order is $50.  After all, the campaign launches and the customer monitors the results and analytics.

What if the ad campaign is not efficient?

If the conversion rate is 20% or less, the platform automatically stops the campaign. As soon as the service provider is concerned about effectiveness and productivity of the tool, ad campaigns that show ‘bad’ analytics are stopped. Customer’s money is not being spent on a campaign that doesn’t bring results.

If one is considering using the service, there’re 50 test installs available to every new customer for free. There is also a 24/7 customer support which will answer all the questions regarding the platform.